8 passenger limo, 10 passenger limo - what's the difference?

Question: Why do some companies advertise that they have 10 passengers limos?
Answer: To get you to pay more per hour for an 8 passenger vehicle.
At Marriton Limousine we advise against dealing with companies who try to rent you a '10-passenger' stretch limousine. Generally speaking, if you are renting a 120" stretch limousine (the common limousine found in the USA) the vehicle seating can accommodate only 8 people of average size. In other words, there is no such thing as a 10 passenger limousine. Lincoln and Cadillac only certify stretch limos for eight passengers (plus the driver equals nine). Placing ten passengers in a 120 stretch will be uncomfortable at best, and a safety risk at worst. The simple question to ask -"How many seatbelts are in the back?"

The proper stretching of limousines is overseen by Lincoln and Cadillac through their QVM (Lincoln) and CMC (Cadillac) certification programs. Each stretched limo starts with a specially manufactured base vehicle from Lincoln or Cadillac with extra braking capacity and a stronger than normal suspension. Some companies cut costs (and compromise safety) by buying regular street cars and having them converted into stretch limousines in un-certified backroom shops. Only QVM/CMC vehicles have undergone the rigorous safety & crash testing required by the manufacturers and the Federal government. Companies who are advertising 10-16 passenger stretch Towncar or Cadillac limousines are operating non-QVM/CMC vehicles, or dangerously overloading an 8 passenger vehicle. Rest assured that at Marriton Limousine we operate only QVM/CMC certified vehicles.

Please be advised that even true 8 passenger vehicles may not accommodate eight larger people (200+ lbs.) in a comfortable manner.

What about SUV stretch limos? Only since January 2003 have SUV limos have been certified by Ford or Cadillac for up to 14 passengers. Many people do not realize that the 14 passenger certification is only valid on 2003 or newer Ford Excursion or Cadillac Escalade SUV stretches! Anything older than 2003 or advertised as more than 14 passengers has not been stretched by a company authorized to follow the safety and reliability processes mandated by Ford and Cadillac. These vehicles are often missing the mandatory escape hatches on such a long vehicle (creating a safety hazard in case of an accident or fire), and may have inferior braking and suspension systems.