How much does it cost to rent a limo?

Average limousine rental costs vary based on a variety of factors. Your exact costs will depend on the factors listed below:

Here are national hourly rate averages of the most commonly rented limousines and ground transportation. These figures are examples only and these rates do not construe an offer to solicit for ground transportation.

Vehicle Type National Rate Averages (based on a 3 hour rental)

Luxury sedan (1-4 passengers) $45-$65/hr + gratuity
Stretch limousine (1-8 passengers) $65-$125/hr + gratuity
Stretch SUV (1-14 passengers - Excursions, Hummers, etc.) $100-$300/hr + gratuity
Mini-buses / LimoCoaches / PartyBuses (22 passengers and up) $60-$200/hr + gratuity